[$69] Baseline Lifetime Deal-My Honest Review

Automatically generate a brand guide and design cohesive brand assets

Any business should prioritize brand design, but many businesses find it difficult to develop a brand guide.

Making brand materials with Photoshop when graphic design isn’t your passion is as unpleasant as it sounds.


Every asset should seem consistent with your brand, but it can be difficult to keep the appropriate appearance and feel when you’re forced to deal with sophisticated tools.


What if there was the ideal product for someone who required branding management and designing?


Meet Baseline.


What is Baseline?

Baseline is a brand design and management tool that enables you to produce always-on-brand design assets such as brand guidelines. To assist you in producing original, brand-consistent designs, the baseline contains a library of templates, tools, and resources.


 Additionally, Baseline offers support for branding activities, such as logo creation, brand building, and marketing collateral. With Baseline, you can be sure that your brand is constantly in accordance with the messaging of your company and presents consistently across all mediums.

Important Thing

  • With Baseline, you can quickly create a brand guide that features your logo, color scheme, fonts, and more

  • Additionally, you may make and distribute standardized corporate assets using the platform, such as social media images, business cards, and flyers.

  • Furthermore, logo colors can assist you in creating a brand palette because they have tints and gradients that can be altered to suit your requirements.

  • Additionally, you can select a font and type scale that complements your brand by using the hues of your logo.

  • Finding color values, typeface values, and CSS variables for any brand can be done quickly and easily with Baseline.

  • A substitute for Canva.

  • The easiest approach to quickly generate unified brand materials is for content creators, marketers, and solopreneurs.

Baseline Features

Baseline is incredible! It automates the design of unified brand assets in addition to assisting you in developing a cohesive brand guide. Let’s now examine a few of Baseline’s practical characteristics.

Add A Brand

Because it handles a lot of your laborious tasks and frees you up to focus on your brand, Baseline is the finest solution for managing brands.


You must create your brand and follow a few simple instructions to use Baseline. The rest will be handled by Baseline, allowing you to concentrate on developing your brand without worrying about the small print.


Stay On Brand

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a business that specializes in something that makes your job as a web designer easier?

With Baseline, you can automatically develop content that fits your brand without having to do anything to produce CSS. Additionally, their lifetime plan makes it even more affordable!



Always Upholding Brand Standards

It’s simple to maintain track of the assets for your brand with Baseline’s dashboard. For each of your clients, you may create a unique portfolio with Baseline, and internal teams can easily create materials for other companies.

Additionally, it is simple to transfer designs you created for one brand to another.

Reasonings for Baseline

The biggest benefit of using Baseline is that it automatically creates branding guidelines. Baseline will immediately generate a branding guide with all of your designs, color schemes, and fonts as you upload your logo. You will thus save a ton of time and make sure that your brand is consistent.


You no longer need to run after your brand’s reputation like a pig after truffles. Now, when you create a design, you incorporate whatever you see.


This wonderful function allows Baseline to automatically create brand-specific social media posts, email newsletter banners, and fully updated website assets for you. Include items, illustrations, and background graphics that adhere to your branding manual. You must choose what you enjoy.


But Baseline doesn’t stop there. Even the tone of your brand’s voice is up to you. This implies that when you or your team work on a piece, the messages are always consistent with your brand.


This further reduces your workload and ensures complete brand consistency. It’s similar to having a brand director watch you all the time, but without the unwanted side effects.


You may create a brand guide in Baseline to make sure that all of your team’s assets, including the logo, color scheme, and fonts, work nicely together. To create an expressive color scheme, add a selection of related hues and gradients to your new logo. Baseline will provide you with the correct CSS values to utilize across your project.


Baseline automatically updates dozens of digital templates with your brand’s guidelines. You may create material for social media or your website using layouts like Instagram, Facebook banners, Twitter banners, YouTube thumbnails, and LinkedIn posts!


You may develop marketing materials using our online design editor in whatever style you like and have them appear to have been made by a professional designer. Simple! Simply upload your artwork and graphics or make use of the photos in our collection.


Even the backdrop of any photograph can be removed with a single click. Additionally, changing the colors is simple. To ensure that the colors on your branded products match those on your storefront and website, simply select a branded color filter.

And finally, changing the wording is simple. Different font types are available, and you can easily modify their size, angle, or transparency.


Do you produce materials for multiple brands at once? These resources are accessible through your account’s dashboard. The software allows agencies to create a clean portfolio of each of their clients. Additionally, with this configuration, teams within the business find it much simpler to keep track of all the products they produce and oversee

Baseline Pricing Plans


With Baseline, you can make professional brand guides quickly and easily to assist your team in producing coherent, on-brand materials.


Additionally, you may create a brand palette using colors from a logo, alter the font and type scale, and apply the brand guidelines to a variety of digital templates.


Baseline offers three different regular pricing schemes. 

The Solo, Professional, and Business plans are listed below.

Solo plan( $19/month)

  • 1 Brand.

  • 1 Brand Guide.

  • Unlimited Designs.

  • Unlimited Downloads.

  • Free Norde Pro.

  • Public Brand Guide.

  • Tone of Voice.

  • More details below.

 Pro plan( $39/month)

  • 5 Brands

  • 5 Brand Guides

  • Unlimited Designs

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Free Norde Pro

  • Public Brand Guide

  • Tone of Voice

  • More details below

Elite plan( $149/month)

  • 30 Brands

  • 30 Brand Guides

  • Unlimited Designs

  • Unlimited Downloads

  • Free Norde Pro’

  • Public Brand Guide

  • Tone of Voice

  • More details below


To sign up for a regular plan or to begin a free trial, click here.

Or perhaps you suddenly feel that the standard price is too high? There’s no need to stress, as a Baseline lifetime deal costs just $69 on Appsumo.

Baseline Lifetime deal on Appsumo $69

Utilizing an automatic brand guide and editable templates, you can quickly develop non-off brand materials using web-safe fonts, formal colors, and endless layout options. 


With Baseline, you can rapidly create branded content. Purchase Baseline lifetime access to this ground-breaking asset production tool right away!



  • Baseline Professional Plan is accessible lifetime.

  • Features of the Professional Plan in full.

  • 5 brands.

  • 5 brand manuals.

  • Countless designs per month.

  • Downloads are limitless.

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Final Remarks

The competitive nature of the design profession makes it simple to get caught up in the idea of “going the extra mile,” but before you do, make sure you’re not just giving your company another issue to worry about.


Consider these brand guide and asset suggestions, and you’ll discover that the additional time and work you invest into developing your brand guidelines will ultimately save you time.


Why are you holding out?


Purchase Baseline Appsumo Lifetime Deal right away.