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What is Branded Link Shortener?

With Branded Link Shortener, you can generate links with your domain and monitor the data on how well different links work.
On the robust platform known as Branded Link Shortener, you may condense your branded links.

Using the Branded Link Shortener, you can quickly shorten strings so that they are suitable for sharing on various social media platforms.
Also, when you share shortened URLs with the site, you can track engagement, affiliate clicks, and more.
The people who should use it most are marketers, digital marketing companies, and business owners who want to boost click-through rates, brand recognition, and trust.
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Important Things

  • Brand, monitor, and distribute your short links.
  • Be more interactive with your users.
  • Custom aliases are a simple way to personalize your links.
  • Best for: Companies who want to raise consumer awareness of their brand, foster trust, and improve click-through rates.

Branded Link Shortener Features

A excellent piece of software called Branded Link Shortener may shorten your links to make them easier to read. The program is feature-rich and simple to use, making it an excellent tool for any type of business.
Any brand would benefit greatly from that; it builds brand trust and promotes consistency. Additionally, it works well for social media posts where you need to make the most of your line due to a character count restriction. So let’s look at some of Branded Link Shortener’s features.


The statistics in this tool are highly sophisticated. These figures can help you understand your audience better.
You may also check the performance of your links and view data on referrers, browsers, devices, etc. You may improve your company with this knowledge.


If you include tracking pixels in your links, you can also retarget your audience. You may also observe how frequently certain links are clicked.


One of the best features of Branded Link Shortener is targeting. Depending on their region, platform, or language, you can direct your consumers to a different website.


The ability to do this is one of the best features of Branded Link Shortener. With the aid of this function, you can launch time- or click-limited marketing campaigns.


Privacy is the most crucial factor when it comes to software. You can keep out those you don’t want to see your links by using the password option. It’s a fantastic feature of this tool.


You can modify the appearance of your connections by using custom domains and aliases. If you click on the branded links, you will discover more about the brand. By doing this, you will enhance click-through rate and cultivate trust.
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The Reasons Behind Using Branded Link Shortener

Brand, keep track of, distribute, and engage with your people in novel ways.
URLs with fewer than 20 characters are known as short links. They were created by the website’s creator to make it simple to access content without having to type in a lengthy URL. Short links make it simpler for users to share links with one another and expand the reach of their content.

Make your Links Stronger

Instead of using difficult-to-remember links, give your links aliases that are simple to remember.
Users are aware of the links they are clicking, and branded links will aid in brand recall, trust development, and increased link clickthrough rates.

Mark your Links to Increase Clickthroughs

Nobody wants to see a number following a link since it is distracting and unprofessional-looking.
You may create short links that are specific to your brand and meet the requirements of your audience with a Branded link shortener. It’s an excellent strategy for piquing interest in what you have to say.

Check the Link’s Performance

Profit from the time and effort you put into it. You can check how many people clicked on your abbreviated URLs with Branded Link Shortener to get an idea of how well your content is performing.
Determine which of your links performs best by looking at the number of clicks and conversions that they each receive.

Sharing with the world will increase your audience

If you don’t share your link with anyone, it serves no use. Any shortened URL may be shared with only one click using Branded Link Shortener.
By providing a link along with a few words about it, you can engage with users on social media.

Unlimited Personal and Commercial Use Rights

Any of the following circumstances allow for the use of the branded short link:

  • Every link is used in a Facebook ad.
  • There is an email for each link.
  • Every link shared on social media
  • Every link a blog contains.

Moreover, almost everywhere.

Reseller Licence

Moreover, you will receive a reseller license. You can use it to create ten additional complete accounts. You can resell these accounts and keep every penny of the profit.

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Final Remarks

Sharing links is simple and straightforward with Branded Link Shortener. With a few simple clicks, you can share links without having to worry about lengthy URLs getting in the way.
Additionally, the branding is excellent and gives you the impression that you are utilizing a high-quality product. Anyone looking for a simple way to distribute links should use a link shortener, in my opinion.
You can’t pass up this opportunity if you’re seeking for an easy-to-use, shortened URL service that can be placed into pixels to evaluate user data.
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