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Make thorough step-by-step instructions as you carry out your responsibilities.

We always aim to make sure that the documents we produce are simple to comprehend and follow, whether it’s for your staff, clients, or anybody else reading or watching them.
The answer you’ve been seeking for is Flowshare. You may create a document by simply clicking, capturing everything like magic, which will save you a ton of time.
Consider using FlowShare Express!

FlowShare Express Overview

The finest documentation tool for IT teams looking to create simple step-by-step instructions is Flowshare Expres. Even staff members who have no prior computer experience can follow the instructions because they are so simple to understand.
Additionally, it makes it simpler to teach new staff more quickly, efficiently transfer information, and spend less time and money on training. For companies of all sizes, our software comes to the rescue.

A helpful Windows tool called Flowshare Express logs and tracks each click you make while using the software. This makes it quick and simple to create engaging step-by-step instructions.
can be used with any desktop or web-based app on practically any Windows PC. Every click is recorded, and it converts them into text instructions. Screen notes are brief.
Your screenshots can be enhanced with additional visuals to stand out from the crowd with only one click.
At every stage of the project development process, you can conceal important information while saving time. Whenever you’re prepared to distribute your guide, select one of the export formats listed below: either PDF or HTML.
It would work best for small and medium-sized firms (S.M.E. s) with intricate IT systems and several complicated software applications. organizations that produce software and wish to provide product documentation.
Visit the official website of FlowShare Express.

FlowShare Express Features

With the ability to generate a document with a single click and have it magically catch everything, FlowShare Express is a documentation tool with several capabilities to save you time. So let’s look at some FlowShare features;

Efficacious Tracking Engine

All the apps on your Windows computer, even custom ones, are compatible with FlowShare Express.
It includes language instructions even though it captures every click, screen, and activity.

Guides can be made while working

Without interruptions, you can focus on what you do best while Flowshare Express records each action you make in any app.

Downloads to Your Device

FlowShare Express can run totally locally on your PC; no online storage is necessary. Your entire collection is currently fully secure.

Settings for corporate identity

You can create brand templates that specify the formatting requirements for your style guides. Every guide that you or your team exports will feature your logo, brand colors, and fonts.

Automated Text Descriptions Save Time

FlowShare Express labels the buttons, menu elements, and tabs for you so you don’t have to. and lists the titles of each phase alongside brief descriptions of each step.

Shorter instructions through StepCombine

With the help of FlowShare Express, linked sequential stages are automatically combined into a single graphic, shortening and improving the transparency of your directions.

Bulk Blur

You can instantly delete all critical information with Blur.
You can specify the area you wish to have blurred, and Flowshare Express will do so whenever that piece appears in a step.
You don’t have to obfuscate private information in screenshots, saving you time at work.

Crop your entire process in bulk

Because you don’t need to separately crop screenshots, editing time is saved. Instead, the same cropping guidelines are applied again.

Paint’s single-click image editing

By using more visual components, you can increase the attraction of your screenshots.
Wish to learn more? To find out more about FlowShare Express, click here.

Why You Need to Use FlowShare Express

FlowShare Express Create a systematic procedure for documenting things. Your workers will be more inclined to document how they perform tasks if there is a lot faster way to do it. Your staff members can follow a process step by step by clicking their way through it.
Nothing could be easier. You can expedite the documentation process (by hand). In the same amount of time it used to take you to complete just one guide, you’ll be able to complete five.
Additionally, it will increase the likelihood that a software launch will be successful. Step-by-step instructions are provided to all parties involved while a huge number of procedures are recorded by Flowshare Express.
If you utilize Flowshare Express, you’ll never have to record by hand again. FlowShare Express will capture everything as you complete the assignment while you move through your workflow.

It enables you to have control over your procedures. Additionally, it provides you with a comprehensive perspective of all of your processes by taking them out of your employees’ thoughts and onto paper so that everyone can see them. The information might remain in your business.
Your guides may all have the same appearance. FlowShare Express automatically formats each document to reflect your brand no matter who makes the process. Keeping up with the news is simple.
You may easily edit a tutorial with FlowShare Express, saving you the time and effort of having to record it again.
Additionally, it will enable you to create easy-to-follow directions. Your stat can still use your FIOWS even if they don’t have internet access. And simple enough for those without much computer expertise to comprehend.
To begin using Flowshare Express faster, lessen the number of shoulder touches. Without taking away from the work of experienced workers, you can quickly educate new hires the ropes.
It enables you to put up a common method of documenting things. Your personnel will be more willing to document how they carry out tasks if there is a lot faster way to do so. Your staff members can follow a process step by step by clicking their way through it. It is implausibly simple.

Start With FlowShare Express.

FlowShare Express Pricing Plans

Express, Professional, and Enterprise are the three main regular subscription plan options that are included with it.

Express Plan ($21/mo)

  • Take and distribute as many guides as you want.
  • both desktop and online applications.
  • Lack of branding.

Professional Plan ($40/mo)

  • With everything in Express.
  • Brand and template customization.
  • Contemporary export formats.
  • Qualities that are strong, like StepCombine.

To view the Enterprise plan or to begin with a standard plan, click here.
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  • locally on your Windows PC installs.
  • works with browser and desktop programs.
  • Blur all confidential information at once.
  • Take as many steps as you want to record.
  • Automatically describe the text.
  • quickly annotating a screen.
  • clever cropping.
  • Simple HTML and PDF export.
  • Unlimited guides may be exported.

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Final Remarks

A great program for producing SOPs or documentation outlining multi-step processes is Flowshare. It is easy to understand and takes little manual labor.
Every time you move the mouse, a screenshot is taken. You can also bulk-blur important information and annotate each step. It saves so much time!
So have a look at this if you want to grow your company and save a ton of time using processes. It’s a hidden treasure.
Get the lifetime offer for FlowShare Express today.