May be you waste tons of time collecting data from the audience. But collecting data has no way been easier.

Having one place to collect and organize all the information you need from your team  and customers.

Its custom form builder allows you to produce interactive forms and quizzes with ease.
Here is Formaloo.

What is Formaloo ?

Formaloo is a super tool that allows you to produce custom formsquizzeschecks, databases, and further to collect data from the audience and traffic.
Indeed you can produce mobile apps 1Ox faster  than ahead.

Formaloo is an alternative to Type form and Gravity Forms.

It would be the best for marketing teams,HR (Human Resource) teams, and course creators who want to engage their customers securely and track their data analytics.

Using Formaloo, you can build branded forms,surveys, quizzes, polls, and live presentations that allow embedding in unlimited sites and applications.

Interestingly, you can accept online payments by integrating forms with your payment gateways.

Where you can use it, its features are discussed below;

Formaloo Features

Formaloo provides you with a no-code form and database builder that allows you to quickly collect data from your team.

Let’s have a look at the features for Formaloo;

Forms & Database Builders

Using Formaloo,you can builder forms, databases, quizzes, survey forms, and more without coding for free.

You can add powerful logic, calculator,anddatabase mode lin your forms.

Its work flow automat on helps you get the information you need from your customers.

Also, you can create interactive live polls and Q&As that are designed for enjoyment and dynamic.

For example, you can run a fun quiz wlith your friends or help your students study.

– Facebook Retargeting

Formaloo will automatically optimize, measure, and build an audience from your Facebook and lnstagram ads campaigns. You don’t have to think about codes, cookes, and privacy concerns.

Formaloo’s powerful targeting options and behavioral tracking helps you to reach the right people on Facebook, lnstagram,Whatsapp.

It helps you upgrade from Facebook pixels by providing Facebook Conversion API without code editng.

Formaloo lets you grow higher with lower CAP by optimizing your ads. Significantly, it will help you to increase the 47% conversion rate and 2.73x revenues.

Lastly, you can integrate Formaloo on your websites,landing pages, forms,and your customers’ data with Facebook Conversion API without coding.

====>Customer Data Platform

Formaloo helps you to turn your customer’s data into revenue with COP.

You can integrate your apps and data sources to Formaloo Aland Customer Analytics into your business.

Formaloo allows you to integrate with WordPress, Shopify,WooCommerce,Microsoft Dynamics, Magento, Hubspot,Salesforce,and more.

It will help you to reduce Churn and maximize your customer’s lifetime value.

After using Customer Data Platform (CDP),it will significantly experience 3.7x loyalty  growth and 2.73x revenues.

Lastly, Formaloo’s COP is entirely automatic, and you don’t need any resources to work.

====.WordPress Form Builder

Finally! Last but not least, Formaloolets you build stunning forms for quizzes,surveys,and database forms that you can integrate with an unlimited website.

Formaloo’s drag and drop form and widget builder helps you create unlimited forms and collect unlimited customer data entirely for FREE.

It is not just another form builder;here,you will get an in4buihall- n4one data collection and analysis tool that you need to grow your business.

Using Formaloo,you can create, edit, and send quizzes, forms, and surveys, review your results, build with 100+ expert templates, and more.

Click here to learn more features about Formaloo;


Formaloo Pricing Plans

Use Formaloo and create forms in just a few clicks without writing a single line of code.

Formaoo comes with Four pricing plans;

Free, Plus,Pro, and Enterprise.

Free Plan $o/mo:

Get started for FREE.

Plus Plan $19/mo:

Pro Plan $49/mo:

Click here to see Enterprise pricing;

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Final Though

According to my survey, Formaloo lest you have the best experience on your customer data collection with full analytics.

It will help you to create any kinds of forms to collect data from your teams and audience

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