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Create many web forms, surveys, and tests with no coding.

Without the ability to collect leads and learn about your customers, it is impossible to build your business. Just let me know your email address, and I’ll do my best to remember it.
But without fancy coding abilities, it’s impossible to create responsive apps that gather client information, so you’re forced to use forms that don’t work for all use cases.
To draw the kinds of leads you’re searching for, you need a no-code tool that enables you to design any kind of form.
Welcome to GoZen Forms.

What is GoZen Forms?

GoZen Forms is a simple, no-code survey tool that enables you to collect real-time data from your clients.
Using this app is a terrific way to quickly and conveniently get feedback, complete customer service surveys, or obtain any other kind of information.
With its dynamic templates and in-the-moment insights, GoZen Forms is a no-code survey, form, and quiz creator that makes data collection easier.

It contains a special form builder that enables users to quickly create their own forms. With its simple interface, GoZen Forms makes it simple for anybody to create their survey or form.
It’s interesting that users can select from pre-made themes or easily alter them by adding text and photos.
Additionally, the app offers a “recording” option that enables users to record what form-fillers say.
The ideal approach for businesses of all sizes to collect data from their clients or employees is using GoZen Forms.
Visit the official GoZen website.

GoZen Forms Features

GoZen Forms is a no-code tool with a ton of features for creating quizzes, surveys, and responsive forms. Let’s examine some of GoZen Forms‘ characteristics.

Platform with no code

Without a doubt, GoZen Forms is a no-code platform. Without creating a single line of code, excellent forms are simple to make. The quiz components that you want to use can be moved around by dragging and dropping.
Additionally, you receive a library of templates that you can use to construct things quickly and effortlessly. There should be more libraries.

Conditional Logic

Avoid using those monotonous, constant forms. You can create logically sound queries with Gozen Forms.
It’s one of GoZen’s best features. Only the proper people will respond to your right queries. You can participate in polls that alter over time.


You could believe that selecting your form’s colors and user interface requires much investigation (UI). However, you are not required to do this.
GoZen Forms has previously handled it, so you get 180 templates for forms created for your sector, which will speed up the survey process. You can alter the templates however you like.

Publish and Embed

You might need to look anyplace for leads. You must have the freedom to place your quizzes wherever you like.
As a result, GoZen Forms allows you to embed forms anywhere you like, including on your website. Direct links are another method of directing visitors to your website.
Additionally, you may integrate them with SAAS applications like Mailchimp and several others.

Forms in Any Number

You did read that right, I’m sure. With GoZen Forms, you may create as many quizzes as you like. There are none placed on you.
If you want your firm to flourish without boundaries, you need to have unlimited features.

Create Your Own Topic

You might need to stick with a particular theme. However, the library will not lend it to you. Don’t stress over it.
Your brand-consistent fonts, backgrounds, fields, and colors can be used to create your themes.
After creating a theme, you can store it to use it again and modify it for future projects.


The fact that GoZen Forms may be utilized with SAAS products is its best feature. Therefore, adding quizzes to your payment gateway, email marketing campaigns, and many other places is simple.
You may also link to numerous other services, including Mailchimp, Stripe, Google Sheets, and Zapier.

20 different types of fields

You therefore need a specific kind of data from your traffic. We refer to these as “leads.” To do it, though, you’ll need to be in the appropriate field. No need to worry. With GoZen Forms, you can gather data in 20 different methods.
Even better, you may request that visitors send you files, blog entries, and other stuff. This illustrates how adaptable GoZen is.

Need to know more? To find out more about GoZen Forms, go here.

Why You Need to use GoZen

Without writing a single line of code, you can build interactive online forms, surveys, and quizzes with GoZen Forms. Its changeable templates streamline the data collection procedure.
GoZen Forms is somewhat similar to Typeform, SurveySparrow, and WPForms, but yet quite distinct in other aspects.
It is perfect for businesses of all kinds, from start-ups to large enterprises, that need to easily create online surveys, quizzes, and other comparable content without knowing any coding.
Additionally, it enables the creation of dynamic online forms from scratch or with the aid of a pre-existing template. Or you might use the ones that are already structured for your particular field.
Conditional logic can be used to determine whether your inquiries are still relevant, and current statistics can be used to track the results.

Start with GoZen Form.

GoZen Forms Pricing Plans

GoZen Forms is an affordable, quick, and flexible solution to gather data that may be utilized for a variety of purposes.
Free, Starter, Premium, Professional, and Advanced are the five different sorts of pricing plans available.

Free plan $0/mo

  • 100 responses/mo.
  • 1 user.
  • 100 MB storage.
  • Basic forms.
  • 10 questions per survey.
  • Webhooks.
  • Share via a link, Embed on site.
  • Skip logic.
  • Industry-Specific forms.
  • 1 Workspace.
  • 2 Forms.
  • 1 Domain.
  • GoZen Form branding.
  • Integrations.
  • Form reports and analytics.
  • Report export.

Starter plan $9/mo

  • Everything Free Plan features.
  • 1000 responses/mo.
  • 3 users.
  • 1GB storage.
  • Premium forms.
  • Unlimited Questions.
  • 2 Workspaces.
  • Unlimited domains.
  • Remove GoZen Form branding.
  • Chat support.

To view all additional plans or to purchase a standard plan, click here.
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  • Everything PREMIUM plan features.
  • 5 domains.
  • 5 GB file storage.
  • 1 user.
  • 5,000 responses/mo.
  • 5 Workspaces.
  • Unlimited forms.

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Final Remarks

GoZen Forms is a useful tool for creating online forms that can be used to collect data effectively and efficiently. These forms can include surveys, quizzes, opt-in forms, and much more.
It offers more features than its rivals at the current price and has all the features a firm could possibly require for data collection through attractive forms.
Get the lifetime license for GoZen Forms now.