Gravitec Lifetime Deal [$49] & Review Appsumo Exclusive

Increase conversions and encourage return visits by using automatic push notifications.

Your website is receiving visitors as a result of your engaging content and astute social media tactics.
Nevertheless, persuading people to return is challenging because, allegedly, making your website their homepage is “illegal.” Hey, if Apple could make us buy that U2 album.
Looking to increase subscribers, tap into the potential of automated push campaigns, and quickly target different audience segments with your content?
Get Gravitec now.

Gravitec Overview

With the help of the simple-to-use web push service Gravitec, you may increase the number of subscribers to your website and increase traffic.

Send content to your subscribers after encouraging people to subscribe with personalized prompts.
Based on their interests, automatically target material to various subscriber segments.

Say Hello, Gravitec.

Gravitec Features

Gravitec makes it simple for users to sign up for your push notifications, which helps you improve website traffic, stay top-of-mind, and boost conversions.
Gravitec can be quickly installed via the one-click WordPress plugin, code-free integration, or by adding a small piece of code to your website’s primary HTML template.
You can create and send automatic push alerts with the WordPress plugin without ever going to the web dashboard.
After writing an item on WordPress, you’ll be able to automatically send a push notice and even customize it with graphics and UTM tags.

You have all the options you need with Gravitec’s push notification permissions prompt to leave a lasting impression.
Decide where and when to display the prompt, then add your own words to motivate visitors with a small boost.
Every permission request complies with Google’s guidelines for user engagement, boosting both UX and subscription rates.

By enabling you to gather simple segmentation data from a subscriber’s browser, Gravitec makes it simple to develop targeted campaigns.
In order to create targeted campaigns, you can target consumers based on their operating system, country, city, language, and browser.
You may target subscribers based on their behavior thanks to the sophisticated segmentation options.
For optimum flexibility and engagement, you can also manually or automatically generate these segments.

Use both simple and complex segmentation to target your campaigns precisely.
Use no-code automations that you can set up in a few clicks to send the appropriate content to the appropriate subscribers.
You may save time and make the most of all the features by automatically sending campaigns based on notification items from site metadata.
You can instantly alert readers to new content using RSS to Push, or you can use Push Digest to send a daily or weekly summary of your most well-liked content.
The best part is that you can write a welcome message for brand-new subscribers and deliver drip push campaigns for gradual targeted notifications.

You want to ensure that visitors keep returning to your website because it is a delicious smorgasbord of excellent information. (“Hot takes you can eat all day!”)
With targeted, automated push notification campaigns, Gravitec helps you drive more users to your website, improve user engagement, and increase conversions.
Verify that your website has greater attraction than before.

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Deal terms & conditions

  • Access to Gravitec for all time.
  • All revisions to the business plan.
  • Your code(s) must be used within 60 days of purchase.
  • Add up to six codes.
    conforming to GDPR.
  • Available to both brand-new Gravitec users and past AppSumo customers.
  • Customers of AppSumo who previously bought Gravitec can purchase additional tickets to expand their feature limits.
  • Customers who previously used AppSumo will be grandfathered into the new feature caps.

Features included in all plans

  • RESTful API.
  • copyright that is removable.
  • Integration of Zapier.
  • plugin for WordPress.

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  • Included are all the aforementioned features.
  • Each site, 30,000 subscribers.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited automations.
  • Unlimited notifications.

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