Linke Lifetime Deal [$49] & Review - Appsumo Exclusive

With Linke, you may condense and edit your links and get alarm SMSs or emails.

Do you need a way to organize, evaluate, target, and monitor your shot links?
In this blog post, I’ll provide a comprehensive method for managing, analyzing, focusing on, and tracking all of your shared short links and bio pages so you can receive greater benefits from them.
Meet Linke!

Linke Overview & Features

One of the most well-known tools for managing, analyzing, focusing on, and tracking the short link bio pages you share and making the most of them is called Linke.
It can be used to monitor traffic changes, and if he notices that the volume of hits is increasing quickly, he should notify you via email and SMS.
You may easily earn $64,000 with Linke for each new user who clicks on your short link.
If the link times out or returns an error, you will receive an email and an SMS notification.
You can adjust the link preview to better suit the requirements of your company or organization. Each social network can have a distinct preview, too. So let’s look at some of Linke’s characteristics.

Customize the link Sharing preview

When you post your link preview on Facebook, Viber, Twitter, and other social networks, you can alter how it appears.
Both the headline and the image are also editable. Additionally, you can modify the description.

Be informed when your link is down or does not respond

Every time you return, Linke verifies that your link is still operational and notifies you if there is a problem.
They will notify you via email. A SMS message will also be sent to you. Additionally, warnings are visible on your Dashboard.

Use your domain names and promote your brand

Short links that represent your reputation can help you maintain and increase brand recognition as well as increase clicks and revenue.
You’ll receive as many domains as you desire. The names you select will be given to you as well. If you want to add a password, you can.

Block undesired traffic with filters or a password

Make sure that only the people you want may access your website or link. It can be used to block countries. If you choose, it will also stop referrals. A password can also be added.

Define multiple targets for your links

A different destination URL is available. for each browser, operating system, and nation that your visitors utilize.
You can pick a nation to focus on as well. You can target by operating system and browser as well.

Integrate retargeting pixels into shortened links

You can include pixels from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms to retarget users.
As many pixels as you desire will be provided. In addition, there are pages and brief links for 10 platforms.
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Why You Need to Use Linke

When sharing a link on social media, Linke gives you the option to customize the link preview’s appearance. You only need one brief link.
You can select a different preview for each network (With a new image, title, and description). Set the OS as the target of your links’ numerous redirects.
By browser, by nation, or a combination of the two You can end by mentioning domains. Both a password and a nation can be blocked.
A secret link that enables them to alter the page anyway they choose can be sent to a customer or other third party if you create a page for them.

Linke examines the rate of increase in traffic to your link. There can be a buzz if the number of visitors to your website increases quickly and you receive an unexpected SMS or email.
Every time someone clicks on your short link, Linke checks the status of the actual link. An SMS and email will be sent to you if there is a timeout or a problem.

Start with Linke.

Linke Pricing Plans

There are two pricing tiers for it: Free and Pro.

Free plan $0/Mo

  • 50 connections most.
  • Make one page.
  • Analytics.
  • Create unique link names.

Pro plan $8/Mo

  • Make countless short links
  • Unlimited pages can be made
  • monthly 50 SMS alerts
  • Unlimited link buzzing email alerts.
  • Add as many unique domains as you like.
  • SMS Alerts for Buzzing Links.
  • Customize the social network sharing preview.
  • Thorough analysis.
  • Links that lead to many targets.
  • Target by nation.
  • Device OS as a target.
  • Target by type of browser.
  • Password-protect links and web pages.
  • SMS Down Link Alerts.
  • Email Down Link Alerts.
  • Create unique link names.
  • Impede recommendations.
  • Block nations.
  • Unlimited retargeting of pixels.

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  • Make countless short links
  • Unlimited bio pages are possible.
  • Link Buzzing alerts are limitless.
  • Unending Down Link notifications.
  • Customize the social network sharing preview.
  • Add as many unique domains as you like.
  • Retargeting of pixels without limit.
  • Filters that block traffic.
  • Analytics.

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Final Remarks

This device is fantastic. You can have numerous features, shorten a URL, customize the link, and make as many pages as you like.
Linke is the greatest option for you if you don’t have enough time to manage your social media profiles and affiliate links.
Additionally, it has so far shown to be a dependable tool, and the UI is simple to use. The cost is a benefit. Seize this offer.
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