Preceden[$59]- Helps To Create Professional Project Timeline Appsumo Exclusive

For any project, quickly create professional timelines and road maps.

Making your project timeline shouldn’t be the most difficult aspect of project planning. 
It might be challenging to produce presentation visuals that won’t leave your team and stakeholders scratching their heads because so many project management software is overstuffed with pointless functionality.
You require a simple-to-use application that enables you to quickly build clear visual timelines and roadmaps.
Meet Preceden!

What is Preceden?

Preceden is a potent online tool for creating timelines and roadmaps that aid in keeping you and your team on track.
It makes it simple to monitor your progress, identify potential issues, and choose when and how to proceed depending on what you know.

A web-based program called Preceden enables you to generate expert project roadmaps and timetables.

With a simple web interface, create visual timelines and roadmaps.
To bring your team together, provide flexible dependencies, milestones, and event lengths.
You can construct a timeline with Preceden to make sure your projects are completed on schedule and within your projected budget.
It would be most useful for consultants, marketers, and project managers who need to coordinate timeframes for projects of all kinds.
Visit the official Preceden website.

Preceden Features

Project managers that need to create a visual plan that their stakeholders can understand and view on a single page now have Preceden, a tremendously strong, incredibly simple program with a ton of capabilities.
Let’s now examine some Preceden features.

Imagine Important Events

Utilizing Preceden, you may monitor current events, reflect back on the past, and anticipate the future.
Additionally, because it’s simple to see both past and future happenings, you can also know what’s coming ahead.

Share in Various Ways

Your timelines can be distributed in a variety of formats, including a link, PDF, picture, HTML embed, PowerPoint or Keynote export, spreadsheet, presentation mode, and more.


With Preceden, you may create a history timeline for your class or course project. It makes it simple for your pupils to visualize significant events in science, world history, and other areas, which aids in their historical learning.
In addition, Preceden offers free public timeline creation. It’d be fantastic for history lessons about Rome, computers, and other topics.

It even makes it simple to understand how historical occurrences fit together. Its user interface is uncomplicated and basic. It makes it simple to generate timeline visuals that look professional.

Gain Clarity and Understanding

Consider how awesome having a portable, hand-held device would be. It could provide you with comprehensive chronology information for your project, including historical events, parties involved, and what was involved. It could be about to occur!

Build with Ease

Timelines are simple to create, share, and collaborate on using the Preceden Interactive Timeline Creator.
As a result, you won’t need to become familiar with intricate Gantt charts or road planning software.

Project Administration

You can create timelines with Preceden to aid with organization. You can stay in touch with your team to stay on the same page and complete projects on schedule.
You may create, work on, and share timelines using it. You may choose to concentrate on your project rather than wasting time figuring it out.
Even you can monitor development and identify deficiencies. which will aid in your team’s understanding of the project’s status and any necessary adjustments.
Furthermore, by inviting your employees to Preceden, you can avoid lengthy back and forth over Slack and email.

Use a theme or begin simply

Three expert timeline templates are provided by the Preceden timeline maker to assist you in getting started. You can also begin with a blank page and edit the timeline any way you see fit.

Legal Cases

You can create thorough timetables for legal problems with Preceden. This you can distribute to aid others in seeing, comprehending, and cooperating on lengthy case histories.
Additionally, it enables you to include all legal events in a timeline to better explain a case’s history to your audience.
You can include items like layers, photos, icons, estimated start and end dates, and notes about events in this area. And it will assist you in creating a precise legal timeline.


You can create expert-looking timelines of the past’s events for study purposes.
The simple web interface of Preceden makes creating your timeline a breeze. Learning is considerably easier when the connections between historical events are clear.
Additionally, just like other timelines, historical timelines are simple to create.


Finally, you create thorough timelines that assist you in keeping track of the people and plots in your fiction writing.
Preceden will assist you in keeping your imaginative universes cohesive even if you envisage a convoluted plot history.
Even Preceden provides you with a visual approach to keep track of the characters and narrative of your story. Then, it will be simple to put even the trickiest character arcs and stories together.
As Characters and plot timelines are simple to establish when using different techniques to visualize a story.
Wish to learn more? To find out more about Preceden, Click here.

Why You Need to Use Preceden

You may construct expert timelines for any project using Preceden’s user-friendly interface. The software will create a stunning graphic using your timeline. Then group each group of events by team or department on a different layer.
You can change the appearance of your timeline using Preceden without using a lot of menus or settings. You can alter the fonts, colors, and date formats to fit the style of your business. Your professional timeline might be enhanced by your company’s logo.
You can create linkages to denote crucial relationships and construct dependencies that alter as events take place.
This enables you to establish flexible project durations, start times, and milestones for any schedule, be it a marketing plan or a task scope. Updating your squad is simple with progress indicators and percentages.
Additionally, you can use Preceden to embed your timeline on your website or distribute it as a link with various permissions.
For online meetings, presentation mode allows you to display your timeline without leaving Preceden’s website.

Additionally, you can export your timeline to a variety of file types, including PDF, PNG, Excel, and PowerPoint slides, if you’d rather share it as a file.
With Precede, it’s simple to produce and distribute high-quality timelines and roadmaps. Your team will be able to continue using the same playbook in this manner, and you’ll be able to update your stakeholders.

Start With Preceden!

Preceden Pricing Plans

You may create project timelines and roadmaps that are visually appealing by using the effective online application Preceden.

It has three different pricing tiers: Free, Professional, and Business.

Free plan ($0/mo)

  • Timeline 1.
  • 1 User.
  • On a public timeline, there are endless events.

Professional Plan ($12/mo)

  • 5 Timeline.
  • 1 User.
  • Unlimited events on a public timeline.
  • Unlimited events on private timelines.
  • Remove Preceden branding.
  • Spreadsheet import.

Business Plan ($20/mo)

  • Endless timelines.
  • 5 Users.
  • Unlimited number of partners.
  • Dependencies.
  • Unique logo.
  • Certain domains.
  • All additional features of the professional package.

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Final Remarks

Anyone who wants to exhibit their ideas in the workplace in a tidy, professional manner will find Preceden to be a very valuable software.
Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this offer to the fullest if you oversee projects of any kind and must convey timelines.
You may create timelines that are really professional, beautifully presented, understandable, and clear with the aid of Preceden.
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