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Optimize your SEO strategy and analyze competitors with a robust toolkit

Choosing a strong SEO platform is one of the most important choices a company must make in the early stages of its growth.


Without establishing a strong SEO strategy, you cannot outperform your rivals.

However, SEO software can be quite expensive, and its capabilities are either insufficiently robust or too complex to be useful.

Imagine acquiring a platform for search engine optimization that is intended to assist companies in understanding the keywords that are most effective for their industry?


Meet SheerSEO!


What is SheerSEO?


SheerSEO is a comprehensive SEO platform .With the help of the all-inclusive SEO tool SheerSEO, you can examine and improve your keyword and backlink strategies. 

You can keep an eye on the condition of your website.

It enables more easily available search results on Google, Bing, and YouTube as well as automated rank tracking.


Wanna Try SheerSEO!


Important Thing


  • The greatest substitute for Semrush and Ahrefs is SheerSEO.

  • It would be ideal for SMBs, agencies, and SEO specialists that want a user-friendly SEO tool to assist them optimize their approach and maintain the top position among rivals.

  • You may track, examine, and report your search result ranking with SheerSEO.

  • You may monitor the SEO performance of your rivals and undertake keyword and backlink research.


Features Of SheerSEO

For everyone, ranking in the top 10 of the SERPs is essential. Before you can easily optimize and monitor your activities, you should first understand SEO.


Here, you’ll find more than 20 features that might help you strengthen your SEO plan.


Rank Tracking

You can use SheerSEO to automatically monitor your position on video-sharing websites like YouTube as well as search engines like Google and Bing.

Bulky, challenging-to-memorize keywords are not required for you to recall.

Every significant characteristic of your Keyboard ranking is visible in its whole context.

Keyword Explorer


SheerSEO allows you to start with your focus keyword because it’s the most crucial element.

You will receive a “Keyword Finder” that enables you to access a wealth of data regarding your keyword.


You can easily investigate the prospective keyword with its assistance.



Traffic Estimation


Your potential keywords’ embedded information will be gathered by SheerSEO, which will also provide an anticipated monthly search volume.


You will receive two different types of columns to assist you determine the typical traffic for your keyword.

  • The total number of searches made for each keyword is shown in the “Search Volume” column.


  • Based on the rank and the monthly search volume, the “Estimated Clicks” column displays an estimate of the current visits you should receive from the phrase.



SEO Site Audit


There are numerous technical SEO mistakes on the website, including missing titles, inaccurate descriptions, and insufficient account material.


But without understanding the exact location of the problems, you can’t resolve those mistakes.


Your website’s page can discover all problems thanks to SEO Site Audit, which will then prominently display them.


Even you can sort such faults by type and severity. This tool will also assist you in re-scanning your page to ensure that the issues have been fixed.


Backlink Checker


For any website, the backlink is always important. In order to rank higher on the search engine, you must create high-quality backlinks.


You can use SheerSEO to check the backlinks’ quality, including whether they are do-follow or no-follow.

You may also look at information like the referring domain and domain authority of the website that is providing the backlink.


There are other additional aspects that will improve the success of your SEO campaign;


  • Review backlinks.

  • Submission to directories.

  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

  • Tracking on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Outreach for bloggers.

  • Optimizing a page.

  • Delivered Reports.

  • Pages with indexes

  • Competitor analysis for SEO.

  • Summary.

  • Optimizing Objectives.

  • Company Account.

  • White Label.

  • An XML API.

  • keyword abundance.

To learn more about SheerSEO, Click Here.

SheerSEO Pricing Plans


Use SheerSEO to perform your SEO study and appear to be using Semrush or Aherf.


Standard, Advanced, Pro Thin, and Professional are its four price tiers.


Standard Plan ($10/mo):


  • The Basics.

  • 200 Keywords.

  • PDF/CSV Reports.

  • Estimating traffic.

  • Competitors Analysis

  • Inte8 Google Search Console.

  • 10 Explorer Reports.

  • 2 Site Audits.

  • Every month, 2000 pages are scanned.

  • 20 Protected Backlinks

  • 2 optimization goals.

  • 10 page improvements.

Advanced Plan ($15/mo):


  • Every feature of the Standard Plan

  • 400 Keywords.

  • 50 reviews of blogs.

  • 20 Explorer Reports

  • 4 Site Audits.

  • Each month, 10,000 pages are scanned.

  • 100 Safe Backlinks.

  • 2 Poll Now.

  • 10 targets for optimization.

  • 50 page improvements.

Pro Thin Plan $25/mo:


  • Every feature of the advanced plan.

  • 100 Keywords.

  • 100 blog ratings.

  • Competitor Monitoring.

  • Every month, 2,000 pages are scanned.

  • 50 Protected Backlinks

  • 100 targets for optimization.

  • 100 page improvements.

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SheerSEO Appsumo LIfetime Deal [$75]

With the help of SheerSEO’s sophisticated keyword research tools, you may improve your SEO and monitor your fierce competitors.


Additionally, site health monitoring and backlink quality assurance are available.


Get A Lifetime Deal Only For $75.00


  • Access to the SheerSEO Standard Plan for Lifetime.


  • Every feature of the Standard Plan.


  • 1 domain.


  • 200 keywords.


  • Monthly reports from 10 explorers.


  • 2 site audits per month


  • Every month, 2,000 pages are crawled.

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Final Remarks


Do you want to continue appearing first in search results? You should regularly assess your rivals and maintain effective SEO for your website.


However, everything takes time and is a bother. What should you do then?


Use SheerSEO, which can assist you with everything you require, including keyword research and backlink analysis.

Now Grab The SheerSEO Appsumo Lifetime Deal.