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Switchy Overview

You have products and content that might be fresh to death. But your  social media share links have outdated previews and are 72 characters long then nobody’s going to click.

And In this situation, you can’t use the power of pixels to retarget, if nobody is going to click.

It’s time to boost engagement and conversions with custom retargeting links.

Say Hello to Switchy.io !


What is Switchy?

Switchy is the smartest software which works with links. Switchy

allows you customize, manage, and track retargeting links so you can boost conversions.

Switchy is an application that helps you to shorten as well as customize links for websites, social media, etc.Switchy lets you customize long URLs into simpler and bite-sized versions.

Switchy is the new go-to platform that can help you retargeting clients, lead generation  and also to run advertisements in many ways.

Switchy is an all-in-one link platform where you can manage, customize and track conversion rates like never before with its sophisticated tracking tools.

Legitimate Your Social Post With Switchy.

Why is Switchy?

It is always a difficult task to create new links, keep track of them, and deploy them. You must know how challenging work it is to create and manage links,If you are working with links. 

If you want to build your online career then you will have to work with links. That’s why, If your links are not as effective as you have thought, the overall performance deteriorates  and the result is that nobody clicks upon them.

If you are unable to create a persuasive or impressive link then you can’t reach your potential clients and lead generation .

Switchy can solve all your problems. Switchy is best of all other tools.

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Important Thing

  • With Switchy, You can shorten, customize, and track your links.You also can create advanced bio links for social media and  boost social media engagement.
  • With the use of Switchy,You can retarget everyone who clicks on your links with ultra-segmented ads on social media, Google Ads, Quora, and more.
  • There are many programs. Among them Switchy is the best and alternative to Bitly, Rebrandly, and Linktree.
  • If you are an advertiser and want to manage and track retargeting links then Switchy is for you. Other than marketing agencies, content teams, e-commerce shops can use Switchy to manage their links.

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Features Of Switchy

Grab Switchy and get more conversion rates from your links.


Let’s look at the key features of Switchy below :

Link Shortener

The main feature of Switchy is to shorten the link. If the links are long, it might have negative impacts on the SEO result as well as demotivates the clients. Short links become easy and also makes SEO more effective.

With Switchy you can design the links which you provide to your customers. If your URLs are short then it will prevent clutter on your site’s overall appearance or graphics. And short URLs are pleasing to the eye. Long URLs are always sketchy to click on.

With Switchy, It is easy to create a short link, just click ‘switch the URL’ of a link and create shortened links for your articles, affiliate products, blogs and so on. 


Another feature of Switchy is Retargeting. With Switchy you can develop Pixel Retargeting, where you can track the links you generated.

After shortening a link, visitors are interested in your content and then they will click on the link you generated. These processes will give you an idea about the interests and trends which your customers are following. 

With Switchy, You can use Pixel Retargeting and send ads, emails, promotions, discounts, or even newsletters to the customers. You can do those who licked on the link. They got redirected into it despite doing nothing on the website. This also gives you an idea that they’re interested in it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Then You can start to schedule a campaign to convert your leads successfully.

Link Customize 

With Switchy you can customize your link. You can control your deep links and customize them for each platform.

Suppose, You can use Switchys’ metadata feature before posting an article to Facebook by adding a specific title and description of what is inside which will make it more appealing.

You can add custom fields as ‘FB Song Title’. If anyone clicks on this tag’s management link from their newsfeeds or messages then they will have access to find content. Also They will find music tailored specifically for those interested in related topics.

With Switchy, You can change the featured image of your link. Switchy has all options that you can boost engagement and conversions with custom retargeting links to catch visitors’ eye.

Waiting patiently at SWITCHY.

Analytics Report

With Switchy, You can find a real-time analytics report which depends on the behavior of your customers. With this process, You will get a clear idea of what links your customers are most interested in. On top of that, you can find the number of clicks on the link, referrers, and audience sources.

Switchy is an easy to use interface. Here You can find detailed information about how many clicks they’ve generated, which ones are converting best for conversions and what countries those users come from with graphs.

Embed Widget

With Switchy, You can embed content from your website or blog on other sites. If any websites allow this then you can add videos as well articles within the code of your choice. And you can place it with your desired within that particular web page/site.

With Switchy, By creating your own buttons and widgets in just minutes you can attract people. With the use of Link Cloaking, all traffic goes directly from one page on your site or blog post back home at switchy.io.

A/B Testing

Another feature of Switchy is A/B testing function which is also known as The Link Rotator. With A/B testing function, You can link two different web pages to the same URL.

On top of that, You can control how much of your traffic is redirected to those links. This is effective to find out which one works best.

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Switchy.io Pricing Plans

Switchy has three pricing plans. They are :

TEAM Plan ($47/mo)

  • Has 1 user access
  • Has 10000 Clicks per month
  • Has Unlimited links
  • Has Unlimited pixels
  • Has 2 Custom Domain
  • Has all analytics

PRO Plan ($83/mo)

  • Has 5 user access
  • Has 50000 Clicks per month
  • Has Unlimited links
  • Has Unlimited pixels
  • Has 5 Custom Domain
  • Has all analytics

BUSINESS Plan ($119/mo)

  • Has 10 user access
  • Has 100000 Clicks per month
  • Has Unlimited links
  • Has Unlimited pixels
  • Has 15 Custom Domain
  • Has all analytics

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  • Has Unlimited links
  • Has Link reedition and redirection
  • Has link appearance customization
  • Has Unlimited retargeting
  • Has 2 smart page
  • Has 10 Team members
  • Has 8 Custom Domain
  • Has all analytics

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Final Remarks

Switchy is useful to boost engagement and conversions with custom retargeting links. If you want to work on your web links and reach out to more audiences, you can try the app once. Also decide fast and grab the lifetime deal

Considering Every facility of Switchy, I think It is much more useful.