ZeroWork Creator App Lifetime Deal & Review [$79] - Appsumo Exclusive

Create custom, automated TaskBots and market them on the ZeroWork marketplace.

Nobody enjoys being overly weighed down by tedious activities to do anything worthwhile. This is my list of things to do. And that’s my list of things to do.
Although programming is unquestionably not your strong suit, you would want to develop ways to automate all of your manual labor.
If only there was an app that made it simple for anyone to create automations, market them on a certain website, and earn recurring income from subscribers.
Meet ZeroWork Creator App!

ZeroWork Creator App Overview

The ZeroWork Creator App is a no-code tool that enables you to create TaskBots and market them on their website.

Create automated TaskBots with a no-code tool, then advertise them on the ZeroWork marketplace.
Build proprietary workflows that don’t need to be altered for different users by using conditional logic.

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ZeroWork Creator App Features

With the use of logic-based workflows that resemble human actions, you may automate repetitive chores with the ZeroWork Creator App.
Their TaskBots have the ability to automate site operations including searching, typing, clicking buttons, and data collection.
As a result, you will be able to gather data from social profiles, send direct messages (DMs) across platforms, and manage Facebook ad spending automatically.
Additionally, you can make recurring income by selling TaskBots you create with the Creator App in the ZeroWork Marketplace.

You don’t need to hire or train a virtual assistant because these bots take care of menial duties all the time!
Flexible processes can be scheduled to run on a timetable using TaskBot, allowing for frequent execution.
To protect your social media accounts, utilize Spintax to vary TaskBots’ text inputs and randomize the timing of your social media actions.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use conditional logic to automate complicated social media tasks in order to gather useful data.
TaskBots have the ability to gather data, filter that data using certain criteria, and only act on qualifying data points.
For instance, you can transfer qualified data sets to another platform, such as your outreach tools or CRM, and automatically filter prospects.

The users own all of their data and the actions they take with your product, which is the best part.
Your subscribers cannot alter the process logic you set because your TaskBot and its workflows are private and exclusive (just how a SaaS solution should be!).
With the touch of a button, you’ll be able to collect customer input, iterate the product, and automatically push out new updates.
It follows that you can introduce a private SaaS solution without pleading with investors, setting up a marketing division, or employing developers.

Repeating the same action doesn’t make sense unless you’re going to learn some important life lesson. Although I haven’t seen Groundhog Day, I have experienced it.
It’s fortunate that the ZeroWork Creator App provides a no-code development environment for those looking to create and market TaskBots to time-pressed professionals.
Improve your solutions.
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Features included in all plans

  • TaskBots can be created with no coding.
  • Setting daily or weekly DMs or profile visits using condition-based reasoning.
  • With a little agent installed on your desktop, you can run your TaskBots locally indefinitely.
  • Start TaskBots and leave it running.
  • Multiple TaskBots may run in parallel indefinitely.
  • Tables of data can be processed or saved.
  • Remove words from data, split it up, take out the important parts, or change the formats.
  • Utilizing programmable API calls, send or receive data to or from any other platform.
  • Native interaction with Google Sheets.
  • Webhook triggers (BETA) allow you to link TaskBots with your own Zapier workflows.
  • Send TaskBots that are ready to use to client accounts with only one click.
  • Place TaskBots on the market to get recurring income.
  • The local agent runs the scheduler (BETA).

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  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase.
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 2 license tiers.
  • GDPR compliant.

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